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Whether he admits it or not, Kyu (as he is fondly known) is one of the most prominent figures in Philippine Speculative Fiction. A graduate of Xavier School and the Ateneo de Manila, Kyu is a tennis aficionado and literacy advocate. He’s the publisher and editor of the Digest of Philippine Genre Stories, and his fiction has been published in The Town Drunk, the Philippine Graphic and AlienSkin magazine. The PGS blog is a daily staple for anyone interested in Philippine Spec Fic.

Birthday:: May 24, 1969

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Hard to say, I read pretty much anything. I've been reading a lot of crime lately, though I did go through times when I read a lot of fantasy, science fiction, and horror, as well as biographies and history.


As much of a reading-nut as I am, as much as I’m a fan of many books, series, authors, created worlds, I’m a certified idiot for tennis. You know that movie, Fever Pitch, where Jimmy Fallon plays a crazy Red Sox baseball fan? That’s me, except my sport is tennis. At least–at least–for eight weeks a year, during the four majors, my mind turns to tennis mush, and I forget much else. I’m able to dial it down for the other tournaments (but not by a lot), but during the majors, I can’t help but watch. I’ve been this way since I was a kid, go figure. Even if the match is boring, I’d prefer the TV on. The sound of play, live or on the screen, is comforting to me, and I’ve read many books to the thwack of balls being hit on court when play becomes uninteresting. I promise, I’m pretty normal the rest of the year, but a surefire way to engage me in conversation is to bring up tennis

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      Rocket Kapre is an imprint of Eight Ray Sun Publishing Inc. (a new Philippine-based publisher), dedicated to bringing the very best of Philippine Speculative Fiction in English to a worldwide audience by means of digital distribution. More info can be found at our About section at the top of the page.