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Mouse and I – Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

Strange Salvation – Celestine Trinidad

Earthquake – Kate Aton-Osias

Designations – Patria Rivera

Firestorm – Erica Gonzales

Excerpt from Neomuros – Paolo J. Cruz

After the Flood – Nikki Alfar

Stairway to heaven – Patria Rivera

Wishgranters – Rod M. Santos

The Sparrows of Climaco Avenue – Kenneth Yu

Dreams after the Storm – Eliza Victoria

We End Up with the Same Thing Anyway – Crystal Koo

Before the Perfect Season – Catherine Batac Walder

Wail of the Sun – Vincent Michael Simbulan

Haya and Me – Erica Gonzales

Snippets – Kate Aton-Osias

The way a plague transforms the land – Patria Rivera

The Marriage of Sun and Moon – Sharmaine Galve

The Death and Rebirth of Nathaniel Alan Sempio – Alexander Marcos Osias

Cutis Marmorata – Celestine Trinidad

The Return of the Sun – Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

Strangelove – by chiles samaniego

Excerpt from News of the Shaman – Karl R. De Mesa

You ate my city – Patria Rivera


On December 16-17, typhoon devastated the South, particularly Iligan and Cagayan de Oro. As a response, we are once again releasing our “Ruin and Resolve” anthology for free, to promote awareness of the urgent needs of our brethren, and to provide some small reward for those who do choose to donate. You can view information on how to help at these links: or

When calamities befall us, we react not only as individuals, but as distinct communities.When calamities devastate the country, as decent men and women, we give money, goods, and time to the relief effort–but we also engage our passions. Collectors hold auctions, artists offer commissions, and musicians stage concerts, all for the benefit of the typhoon victims. Our callings and vocations are part of who we are, and enable us to give in additional ways, unique ways. Artists draw, musicians perform…

Writers write.

“Ruin and Resolve” is a digital speculative fiction/poetry anthology that we first released in response to the devastation wrought by typhoons Ondoy and Pepng in 2009. It contains speculative fiction (original tales, as well as reprints and excerpts from longer work) and poetry that deal with the two faces of every disaster, and the paradox inherent in the fact that, sometimes, it is in only the midst of the most crushing adversity that our brightest human qualities arise.

The nineteen stories, five poems and cover artwork included in the anthology were provided by their creators free of charge, in order to help raise funds for their fellow Filipinos in need. During times of crisis, we make the anthology freely available to remind people of the need to donate, and to provide some small reward for those who choose to do so.

Publication Information

Ebook  / Free / 164 pages / 28 December 2009 / Speculative Fiction and Poetry Anthology

Original press release can be found here.


“Borne out of tragedy but driven by a spirit of triumph, Ruin and Resolve takes us to different worlds, fantastic and magical, futuristic and the mundane every day. The collection, meant to help Ondoy victims with is proceeds, provides us all with reasons to keep striving, to never surrender, never quit. It may sound corny to say that one finds inspiration, and yes, the resolve needed, in these texts. But that’s the fact of the matter. More than a few times the reader will find not just beauty of image and power of prose, but genuine uplift and the feeling of elevation.” – Carljoe Javier, author ofAnd the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth“.

“But outside its being a charitable donation, this newest [Spec Fic] anthology isn’t a throwaway piece of literature; it’s worth buying for its own sake — lending credence to the publisher’s self-effacing introduction of “we hope our stories and poems make you feel all the happier to have helped those in need.” - Johanna Poblete, Business World.

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Opening Line

In the dark times, will there be singing?

Yes. There will be singing about the dark times.

—Bertolt Brecht

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