3rd PGFA: What Neil Said

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On March - 18 - 2010


No, I don’t mean at the press conference–you can head over to Azrael’s for some coverage–but during the event itself, where he commented about each of the winning entries (in the main contest, not the people’s choice). Again, I wasn’t there for the film category, but here’s what he said about the winners for prose and comics (because you can never have enough reminders that Neil Gaiman called your story “glorious” ^_^):



(Bibliophile Stalker has sound files of Neil’s commentary on the prose winners here.)

Cherry Clubbing by Kenneth Yu: “… the voice is really really good, and its really, seriously nasty. It’s the only story that I’ve ever read in which half way through sort of the first page I thought ‘Oh I got it. He’s a pedophile!’ And then I realize no, no, no… it’s so much worse than that. But it’s a beautiful little story… the way the story is told is as important as the content. It’s very good, very, very imaginative.”

Remembrance by Dean Alfar: “…it’s a story about death, and what we take with us when we die. Beautifully written, haunting, managing at exactly the same time to be both incredibly depressing and incredibly uplifting. The combination of these two things at once is what made it as a story for me.”

Filipina: The Super Maid by Irene Carolina A. Sarmiento: “…as those people who voted for it would know… it’s funny and it’s angry… nice, solid, futuristic science fiction that is fundamentally a satire of things going on today. And it’s great. A lovely piece of work.”

A Kind of Flotsam by Christelle Rhodamae Mariano: “Every now and then you think that you’ve seen it all, and a staple of science fiction is telepathy… What’s glorious about A Kind of Flotsam is that it’s the story of a the life of someone either blessed or cursed with telepathy. And she says something new. It’s really very, very beautiful, very, very moving, and I think at the end… there’s a moment which for me, I thought was glorious: that what unites us in the end is connection, the ability to hold out, to reach out, and eventually touch. Beautifully done, and very, very much a deserving first place winner.”



(Love) at Last Sight by Heubert Khan Michael: “It’s really well drawn… again, the way that the story is told is as interesting as the story. We begin with essentially a murder mystery… and the revelation completely makes us rethink everything that’s happened. It’s really well done, and beautifully drawn.”

Douglas by Genevieve Go: “A really nice, very straightforward story. It’s a meditation of what it’s like to have a family member with Down Syndrome, something you think would be depressing, yet the way that she has told it is incredibly uplifting and beautiful. And the way that it’s drawn is very simply, but using lettering and simple word styles can do a lot. It’s beautiful.”

I See by Manuel “Manix” Abrera:  “It plays around with what comics can do and with what it means to see and to perceive, as a little girl puts her eyes in a balloon, and it goes off from there. It’s glorious.”

The winners in the prose and comics categories are included in the respective anthologies launched by Fully Booked–more details over at the Bibliophile Stalker.

[Attribution: Slider image from the Fully Booked, Revelations page]

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  1. Kat says:

    He did use the word “glorious” several times that night hehe. Someone standing next to me caught the entire thing, although just in audio. :)

    • Paolo Chikiamco says:

      Maybe he thought once he used it for one, he couldn’t not use it for the others: “Neil Gaiman said my writing was nice/great/wonderful.” “Yeah? Well he said mine was GLORIOUS!” :P

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