Komikon 2010 Photodump

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On November - 13 - 2010

Maybe it was the size of the venue, or the tiny ingress/egress points, or the fact that so many people were standing still as the waited in line to meet Manix Abrera, but this year’s Komikon felt positively packed. I’ll save my impressions and reviews for future articles, but for now, here are a few photos from the event:

komikon 2010

Mervin Malonzo, of Tabi Po and the Quarterly Bathroom Companion, wearing one of the limited edition t-shirts sporting his art/designs.


This line of people from the airconditioning units to the left all the way past the right edge of the photograph is but a small sampling of Manix Abrera’s (Kikomachine Komix) loyal fanbase.

komikon 2010

A panel with some of the Sulyap contributors.

komikon 2010

It’s always easy to spot Gio Paredes‘ (Kalayaan) table.

komikon 2010

Quite a few people were too excited to wait until they got home before reading their purchases.

komikon 2010

Has it really been ten years since the first Beerkada compilation? Wow, I feel old.

komikon 2010

The Electromagnetic Tentacle gang was there, with new shirt designs!


The Kapitan, in the house! I wanted to steal that little papercraft figure.

komikon 2010

Maya, Dado, and Hannah from ArtSpice! a very talented group of young artists who made the long trip to the Metro for Komikon. Dado and Hannah are collaborating with me on a few projects, and I hope my writing does their art justice.

komikon 2010

When I came back around after taking this shot, Work in Progress #1 was sold out. Good for them! (Not so good for me.)

For more photos, or larger images of the photos here, head over to my Photobucket album.

5 Responses to “Komikon 2010 Photodump”

  1. macoy says:

    thanks for taking our picture while we were onstage paolo! bummer i didn’t get to meet hannah tho.

    • Paolo Chikiamco says:

      No prob :) Recorded the last part of the panel, will let you know when you upload it. Yeah, Hannah should come to town more often ^_^

  2. Lyndon says:

    YOU’RE feeling old? :D

    The beerkadets I met when they were in grade school are now working!

    I wonder how Pol Medina, Jr. feels now that an entire generation has passed since he published the first Pugad Baboy compilation.

    Thanks for the images.


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