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Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On April - 22 - 2010


As promised, to coincide with my call for submissions for Alternative Alamat, and also as an ancillary method of raising awareness about Philippine myths and legends, I’m adding a new page to the website: The Myth List: an Incomplete Compendium of Magical Myths, Legends and Old Tales from the Philippines. As it stands now, the list has about three hundred different entries.

What I wanted to do was create something of an index for all the myths and legends that had elements of magic and the fantastic, which I’d come across in my research, both online and off. Some caveats: (1) For the books/sources I haven’t read in-depth, I merely listed the stories found in their tables of contents, so there may be stories in this list without magical elements that I’ve yet to remove; (2) Most of our myths and legends don’t have official titles per se, so there are probably duplicate entries here – then again, since they were passed down through oral tradition, many myths and legends have different versions with slight variations, so it’s also possible that different sources will have different versions of the same story.

The list is obviously still a work in progress, and it will likely always be a work in progress. I’ll be regularly adding entries, as well as key-words to further flesh out entries, but I figured that even in this rough form the list may be of service to writers and others interested in the Philippine mythic heritage. I sincerely hope it helps.

If you find any other sources, please feel free to leave a comment on the page, and I’ll keep the comment on the list until I’ve integrated the information in the list.

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