Winners: 3rd Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On March - 17 - 2010

Had to leave the event early, but had time to hear the winners of the prose and comics categories, [Edit: Thanks to Diabelle and Charles for the additional info] so here goes:


1st Place:  A Kind of Flotsam by Christelle Rhodamae Mariano

2nd Place: Filipina: The Super Maid by Irene Carolina A. Sarmiento

3rd Place: (Tie) Cherry Clubbing by Kenneth Yu and Remembrance by Dean Alfar

People’s Choice 1st Place: Filipina: The Super Maid by Irene Carolina A. Sarmiento

People’s Choice 2nd Place: A Kind of Flotsam by Christelle Rhodamae Mariano

People’s Choice 3rd Place: The Street Child and the Dwarf by Diabelle Joy M. Pazcoguin


1st Place:OK this is a bit confusing. There was apparently no first place prize awarded because the entry that won was “published during the contest period”, but they did acknolwedge the piece that would have won – I See by Manuel Abrera

2nd Place: Douglas by Genevieve Go

3rd Place: (Love) at Last Sight by Heubert Khan Michael

People’s Choice 1st Place: Hunger by Jeremiah D. Faustino and Norman Jim Faustino

People’s Choice 2nd Place: Raisinhead: A Tale of a Modern-Day Tiyanak by Christian Oliver A. Cruz

People’s Choice 3rd Place: Traffick by Alarice A. Francisco


1st place: No winner (see comment below. Thanks Diabelle!)

2nd Place: Kumot ng Panaginip by  Jedd Chris P. Dumaguina (Thanks Charles! His comment below and blog post are the source of the rest of the Film winners)

3rd Place: Squatters from Mars by Rommel Sales

People’s Choice 1st Place: Kumot ng Panaginip by Jedd Chris P. Dumaguina

People’s Choice 2nd Place: Anak ng Tikbalang by Desiree Ann C. Samson

People’s Choice 3rd Place: Embrace by Ron Sapinoso

Will post again tomorrow with some pictures, and maybe some vids on Friday. In the meantime, congratulations to all the winners :)

8 Responses to “Winners: 3rd Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards”

  1. Diabelle Pazcoguin says:

    hi Paolo! an update on the short film category.. though i forgot to actually note the names of the 3rd and 2nd place winners.. there was no 1st place for the category, apparently no entry met the minimum score for the 1st place… :(
    nice event though.. :)

    • Paolo Chikiamco says:

      Hi Diabelle :) Thanks for the update–and congrats on the People’s Choice placing — hope to see more from you soon :)

  2. Charles Tan says:

    People’s Choice

    2nd runner up
    “Embrace” Ron Sapinoso

    1st runner up
    “Anak ng Tikbalang” Desiree Ann C. Samson

    Grand prize
    “Kumot ng Panaginip” Jedd Chris P. Dumaguina

    3rd Place

    “Squatters from Mars” Rommel Sales

    2nd Place

    “Kumot ng Panaginip” Jedd Chris P. Dumaguina

  3. macoy says:

    re: comics category–if manix’s entry got disqualified, then shouldn’t ms. go get 1st place and mr. khan 2nd? and the erstwhile fourth-placer gets bumped to third?

    • Paolo Chikiamco says:

      Not sure if they explained it at the event, but apparently not. Most contests though have a clause that allow the judges to decide something to the effect that even the best entry didn’t merit the first prize.

    • banzai cat says:

      in a sense also, it wasn’t that the judges didn’t have a first-place entry selected, it was that the first-place entry was disqualified. in this case, manix’s entry was highly-regarded as the top winner, beating all the others hands down. but since he was disqualified, the rest weren’t up to par of replacing him.

  4. [...] I wasn’t able to attend the Gaiman event (work and all), but hey congrats to the winners! Rocket Kapre’s got a partial winner list here. [...]

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