Project 20:10 – Paolo Chikiamco on Character Creation

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On February - 4 - 2010

Last January 30, 2010, Talecraft’s Ria Lu gathered a bunch of Filipino creators to talk about creating characters (Paranormal/Supernatural characters specifically, although really, similar rules apply across the board) during the official launch of Project 20:10 at the Ateneo High School Fair. For the benefit of those who couldn’t make it, I took some footage of the talks, which I’ll be uploading (slowly, because I can haz slow internets) to the site over the next few weeks.

We’ll start off with the first speaker–me, actually. I truly find it difficult to watch a recording of myself, but I do hope that a few of you will find some use in my little dissertation on the “Five C’s of Characterization”. (Look, lawyers like mnemonics ok?) I divided the video into three parts of around eight minutes each (because apparently my awareness of time goes out the window when I start talking–sorry guys). The video quality gets a bit jittery by the third part, but the audio still stays solid.

Parts 2 and 3 after the cut.

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