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By day (and OT nights), Mo Francisco is a copywriter at Adspin Advertising.

In her spare time, she writes fiction and dreams of retiring in a log cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere, a homestay in Ayutthaya, a hostel in Dumaguete or a room by the Baler surf and write her heart out.

She loves to travel backpacker style, climb mountains, run, bike, surf and will generally try anything once.

She is always very perky and friendly, but that could just be the caffeine.

Birthday:: September 22, 1984

Favorite Genres::
Magic Realism


Neil Gaiman

Currently Reading

The Known World, Edward Jones

Body of Work

Never Land Philippine Speculative Fiction (2012)

Conquering Makiling, Alternative Alamat (December 2011)

Lonely Planet, The Philippine Graphic (February 2011)

Calculations, The Philippines Free Press (September 2010)

Bionotes, The Philippines Free Press (March 2010)

Jimmie, The Philippines Free Press (September 2009)

Tong-its, The Philippines Free Press (August 2009)

Goldfish, The Philippines Free Press (July 2009)

The Day that Frances, the Copywriter, became God, The Philippine Speculative Fiction, Vol 4 (February 2009)

Bathsheba’s Tumor, Tomas 11: Brushes with Words (July 2007)

Pitstop, Pamasahe, the Fine Arts Festival Anthology (January 2005)

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Rocket Kapre is an imprint of Eight Ray Sun Publishing Inc. (a new Philippine-based publisher), dedicated to bringing the very best of Philippine Speculative Fiction in English to a worldwide audience by means of digital distribution. More info can be found at our About section at the top of the page.