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Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On May - 29 - 2011


The launch for the sixth volume of Philippine Speculative Fiction took place last Saturday, with the inimitable Dean Alfar once again serving as master of ceremonies and all-around entertainer–the PSF launches usually turn into roasts for the editors and contributors (and being absent is no defense) and a grand time was had by all. I’ll have videos from the launch and the earlier launch of the crime issue of Philippine Genre Stories later this week, but first here are some photographs from the event.


In spite of the rains, (and some *ahem* premature storm warnings), the UView Theater of Fully Booked was jam packed–this photo is from early in the proceedings, and by midway people were lining the walls, in spite of the addition of the monobloc cavalry. The downside to that is the volume sold out minutes after the launch was over–if you want another print run, make sure you make your voices heard!

PSF6_P1020225Once you’ve been to a PSF launch, you’ll make it a point not to miss it–even if you live in Hong Kong, such as author Crystal Koo, who was also part of the PGS Crime Issue, who flew in just for the launches.


Of course, some residences are farther than others–Andrei Tupaz lives in New Zealand, so his mother graciously came to represent her son, and gamely helped Dean poke fun at him.



There were familiar faces from the spec fic blogosphere, such as Elyss Punsalan of Pakinggan Pilipinas.


And of course Charles Tan, whose name is practically synonymous with the spec fic blogosphere.


Some faces were familiar even if they were so young–sixteen fifteen year old Joseph Anthony Montecillo has a story in this volume as well.


There were a lot of new contributors this year, such as Francis Gabriel Concepcion.


John Philip Corpuz, an avid tabletop gamer who used to write for me at Pinoy Pop.


Another new author is Arlynn Despi, here being playfully scolded by Dean and the editors for applying an earlier “last print issue” remark to the PSF series (that had been a reference to PGS).


Also new to this volume was a friend (!) of Dean’s from way back, Maria Elena Paterno.


Here’s Maria Pia Benosa, who I found out is about to set out on a path familiar to me. Best of luck Pia (but don’t forget my advice!)


Asterio Enrico Guttierez missed his first cue but came in time to be teased about his story’s title, “The Big Man”.


Of course, there were also veterans of PSF on hand: Andrew Drilon, storyteller exemplar in prose and komiks, has been in every volume of PSF to date.


Eliza Victoria, who Dean rightly described as one of our most prolific (and consistently excellent) authors today.


Poet and lawyer (what a combination) Tin Lao was also in PSF volume 5.


Vincent Michael Simbulan was a contributor in prior volumes of PSF and co-edited the fifth volume.


Kenneth Yu, who also launched the crime issue of the Digest of Philippine Genre Stories on Saturday.


Dean Alfar of course, who edited and published the first volume but who has since relinquished the editorial reins.


And Alex Osias, who will be co-editing the next volume of PSF…


… with his wife and PSF6 co-editor Kate Aton-Osias. Considering the very different types of stories they gravitate toward, this pairing could prove to be very… interesting, in the Chinese sense of the word.


Last but not the least is Nikki Alfar, the second co-editor for PSF6, and one of the most exacting editors in the country, from what I hear. Makes me doubly pleased to have made the cut.

More photos on the Rocket Kapre Flickr page, Eliza Victoria’s page, and probably the PGS blog at some point. (EDIT: Charles uploaded Kyu’s photos here.)

17 Responses to “PSF6 Launch Photos”

  1. Joseph Anthony Montecillo says:

    Uhm…15. :D It’s ok, though.:))

  2. Tinlao says:

    “In the Chinese sense of the word,” –LOL!

    Thanks for the photos (I liked mine a lot!) and the write up! So proud to be appearing with you again in the PSF series. :) )) Congrats!!!

  3. Andrei Tupaz says:

    Thanks for posting pics (hmm, I wonder what my mom said about me :p). It looked like everyone had fun! I really wanted to be there but the plane fare’s too expensive. Can’t wait for my copy of the book to arrive so I can read everybody else’s work. Thanks again! :)

    • Dean says:

      Hey Andrei, your mom is ubercool :) We wish you the best in NZ and expect more stories from your side of the world :)

      • Andrei Tupaz says:

        Thanks Dean! I’ll tell my mom you said she’s ubercool. I credit her for my love of reading, and my desire to write…she actually used to write professionally.

        Thanks too for giving new specfic writers the chance to have their stories published and read :)

  4. Dean says:

    Hey Paolo, thanks for the great pictures and the write-up! I’m always happy to help celebrate authors and editors of spec fic – our growing community deserves every little bit of encouragement and support :)

  5. EK says:

    Took me too long to realize I got a shot downing cafe mocha from the edge of the room. ^^; (I would have come in slightly earlier but was not sure if the laughing inside was from the launch already or from the Illustrado thing, so I bought coffee.)

  6. Kate says:

    Thanks again, Paolo!

    Hopefully, our marriage survives the “interesting” story selection process, haha! :)

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  8. johnson says:

    san po ba nakakabili ng mga books na philippine speculative kasi nahanap ako sa national at powrbooks kaso wala daw.. kindly me text me 09228547766 thank you

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