RP612Fic: Corals and Reefs Edition

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On June - 9 - 2011

Save the Philippine Seas!

Yesterday was a Blog Action Day to save Philippine corals, in light of distressing revelations regarding the extent of illegal coral/turtle harvesting and export. To participate in the attempt to raise awareness, I sent an open invitation to Filipino authors to participate in a special edition of the #RP612fic event, and tweet micro fiction stories with a coral/marine theme. (Note: We’ll still be holding the normal #RP612fic on independence day, and the 13th as well.)

It was a lot of fun (even if my Internet cut out midway through) and I think that we managed to entertain folks on Twitter (and confuse a few–but if we make them ask questions, that’s a form of raising awareness too!) and the Save Philippine Seas organizers took note of our stories. It was gratifying to see comments such as these:

I live to please, so without further prologue, here are the #RP612fic submissions which I could find. I know I’m missing a few who weren’t able to tag their entries, or who have private accounts that I have no access to. Feel free to add your contributions below, if I missed them! Once again, thank you everyone! Looking forward to reading more on the 12th and 13th.

Let’s start with those with the most contributions:

Charles Tan:

Tin Lao:

Budjette Tan:

Celestine Trinidad:

Adam David: (Note: Since this post may be getting visitors who don’t know Adam’s style–Adam contributed a few bits of fun word play, but if you’re the easily offended type, feel free to skip ahead.)

EK Gonzales:


Andrea Peterson:

Kate Aton-Osias: (Who isn’t on Twitter but emailed me her contributions)

Jason Drilon: (Note: Don’t know enough about Tubbataha to know if this is meant as a fic, but hey if it’s not, it’s information we should know.)

Let’s start off our single contributions with one that comes with a photo–from Carl Francis:

Dean Alfar:

Alexander Osias:

Elaine Cuyegkeng:Plsburydoughboy:

Eliza Victoria:

And last but hopefully not the least, let’s end with my own contributions:

Once again, thanks to everyone who sent in stories, and everyone who retweeted them or read them. Let’s maintain our vigilance everyone… a lot of those bleak scenarios could come true in our lifetime. (Well, maybe not any of Adam’s… I hope.)

5 Responses to “RP612Fic: Corals and Reefs Edition”

  1. tin@marikina says:

    Hey Rocketkapre,

    Here’s one of those on a locked Twitter account:


    At the end of the world, the leviathan sighed. What was the point? He kicked the sand. No one left him anything to destroy. #RP612fic


  2. adam! says:

    For some reason, my third contrib didn’t register at any of the #RP612fic searches:


    And I posted this in my FB feed, but I’m reposting it here:

    As way of explanation why my own contribs revolved around tentacle porn: I’ve always been fascinated by marine life ever since childhood (my dad used to dive in Manila Bay along with our fisher folk neighbours and would come home with buckets full of seaweed and whatever creature they happened to find living/trawling/drifting/darting among the weeds), especially by marine life around/among/amidst tidepools and reefs, from sea slugs to seaweed to jellyfish to sandhoppers to urchins to hermit crabs to sand dollars to their deeper-sea buddies the sea cucumbers and sea anemones and of course the corals and starfish and whatever fish life swimming around them (parrot fish, clown fish, grunters, eels, etc etc).

    BUT what really fascinated me were the really very alien marine lifeforms – the sponges, corals, anemones, hydras, starfish – and how they went about their daily lives eating (the starfish eats by vomiting out its stomach around you, dissolving your meat into soup, which the starfish then sips), moving (some medusa-creatures spend their lives free-floating upside-down at sea until they find a suitable reef or coral or fish to cling on to), and most especially reproducing asexually, quite possibly the most alien (for anthro-mammalia-centric me) way to reproduce – I mean, even roaches have sex!!! – and thus these (really) short stories, in a way a more direct celebration of their lives than a more direct disavowal of the many manifold ways the human race is killing them off. Kasi I’m a glass-half-full person!

    And what’s wrong about marine life having active (a)sexual lives?!?!?!?!???!?!??

    Haha, Ser Chikiamco, salamat ulit sa masayang TwitterFic fest! More this (coming) Sunday, ano?

  3. Celestine says:

    My friend Alli (@allify) contributed this, but I think it didn’t register on Twitter (or maybe her account is locked):

    We thought heaven lay in the sea once, with cool waters and coral palaces. Now, it is a murky hell.

    Really enjoyed this! :) Looking forward to the one on the twelfth (I might post early, since I’m going somewhere on that day).

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