Continuing the posting of videos from the Songs of Memory International Conference on Epics and Ballads held at the Ateneo last 20-22 January, 2011, here’s the last part (I came in late) of the first talk of the event, given by Professor Fernando N. Zialcita Ph.D. (co-author of the Soul Book), entitled “Chanted Landscapes: The Interweaving of Tangible and Intangible Heritage”. Parts of the video involve introductions of the delegates to the conference, but that may give you a good idea of the diversity of the experts who participated in the conference.

This video was short, but for our final video on Monday, I’ll post the longest one yet, a talk by Professor Maria Stanyukovich Ph.D., entitled “Epic as a Means to Control the Memory and Emotions of Gods and Humans: Ritual Implications of the Ifugao Hudhud”.

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