TOC: Diaspora Ad Astra

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On June - 23 - 2011

Estranghero Press has revealed the table of contents and cover art (by Oscar Alvarez) for its Science Fiction anthology “Diaspora Ad Astra”. The digital anthology is scheduled to be released this month. Here’s what you can look forward to reading:

  1. War Zone Angel, by Professor Emil Flores
  2. The Day the Sexbomb Dancers Invaded Our Brains, by Carljoe Javier
  3. The Malaya, by Dean Francis Alfar
  4. The Cost of Living, by Vince Torres
  5. Ina Dolor’s Last Stand, by Raymond P. Reyes
  6. Oplan Sanction, by Alex Osias
  7. The Keeper, by Audrey Villacorta
  8. Ashes Ember, by Dannah Ruth S. Ballesteros
  9. Rizal, Eliza Victoria
  10. Gene Rx, Katya Oliva-Llego
  11. Robots and a Slice of Pizza, Raydon Reyes
  12. Lucky, Raven Guerrero
  13. A List of Things We Know, Isabel Yap
  14. Taking Gaia, Celestine Trinidad
  15. Space Enough and Time, Anne Lagamayo

2 Responses to “TOC: Diaspora Ad Astra”

  1. dementedchris says:

    This looks like an anthology worth owning. I’m excited to read the stories (I must admit that I am particularly drawn to the Andrew Marvell borrowing) and the cover’s amazing.

    • Paolo Chikiamco says:

      Luckily it will be free to read online, if the previous Estranghero anthologies are any indication. (Not to preclude a later move to print of course.)

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