RP612Fic 2012: The Stories

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On June - 18 - 2012

Another year, another #RP612fic… is what I’d like to say, but the rate at which our twitter-fiction celebration grows from year to year never ceases to astonish me. We even made the news this time, with GMA and ABS-CBN and Katipunan Magazine each doing stories on #RP612fic, and listing their favorite stories.We were also named Hashtag of the Week by the Philippine Star Supreme:

It’s reached the point where I can’t do my usual screengrab-and-paste aggregation of all the stories. What I’ve done instead is turned the search results for #RP612fic into a PDF–a 506 PAGE PDF, to be precise. It’s not as pretty as a screen capture, but my poor, old, PC just couldn’t take the size of the image, and it would take me too long to efficiently cu it by batches.

Before I give out the link to the PDF though, a few disclaimers: it includes every instance that #RP12fic was used in a tweet over the last few days, and while most of these are stories, some are not. This is also a raw list, as again it wasn’t feasible for me to pick and choose, so there are some bad eggs here, personal attacks masquerading as fic, or “jokes” in bad taste fueled by an ugly racism… but these are in the minority. A few bits of adult content – nothing raunchy – and a ton of slash fic, so if you’re offended by that, proceed with caution.

As a whole though, there was a lot of humor in this batch, and most people seemed to have a lot of fun looking sideways at history – and it shows. Here’s the PDF.

Here are around 30 of my personal favorites. Once again, thank you all for participating, and see you next year!


There are more Philippine Dr. Who fans on Twitter than I thought. A *lot* of WHO-related tweets…Who else would wear a mobile suit?

And then we were all obliterated, Independence Day style.
Ol’ Douglas is fast catching up to Magellan as the most popular foreign character in #RP612fic.

I love reversals of fortune.
Game of Thrones was probably the #2 pop culture reference, right behind Dr. Who, maybe tied with the Avengers.
At least with Lastikman, we’d have a reason to have him contorted on the cover. (Poor Catwoman…)
Zuma always did have his priorities straight.
Damn budget cuts. Quick, shake down a Padre!
Zombie? Terminator? Both?!?
Okay, someone write the novel already.
“Wow, you must have the dumbest supporting cast ev… a reporter? Really?”
My brain exploded. RIP Rene.
Deliciously tantalizing.
Sound advice.
Dammit, my bet was “stable of writers chained in a basement”. There goes my 500 bucks.
I’m a Xavierian, so Francis Xavier mentions get bonus points.
I actually thought the same way in grade school. “Oh, what nice environmentalists…”
Now wipe your mouth.
Oh God, I cannot un-read this…
A classic one.
Unfortunately, it confused the Filipinos too.

Great homage to the best six word story ever.

And if not for Civil War…
Call me old-fashioned, but I like a good “Everyone dies” ending.
I like stories that look askew at the villains of history.
And he’s STILL under the mountain? Worst. Earthbender. Ever.
Yeah, that’s not going to… ah, hell, if zombies could do it…
Scott Pilgrim in my #RP612fic! My work is done.
Turns out it’s a noontime show.
“More human than human” is our motto.

See, this is why granting last requests is a villain No-No…Oh Andy… considering all the slashfic this year, you may not want to know. or maybe you do? We love you anyway buddy.

Also, here are a few contributions from Frank Cimatu, sent to my rocketkapre email, that I didn’t get to tweet:

  • While Sisa was calling out for her sons, someone asked, Hey! Are you an amateur orator or something?
  • One of Marcela Agoncillo’s seamstress added a moon to the Philippine flag. This is for the Luna brothers, she said.

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  1. Joseph M. says:

    Call me shallow but I find it exceedingly cool that I was mentioned twice. :D Great tweets again this year!

  2. Tina says:

    Eee that’s my tweet there! :D

    I really, really loved this year’s RP612fic day. It’s like everyone came out of hiding and had reckless fun with the ideas. I hope to contribute more next year. :)

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