Cover for Mythspace: Lift Off (Part 2 of 3)

It’s April 1! That means that the Summer Komikon is only 12 days away (nope, not an April Fool’s). On April 13, Team Mythspace will have — barring natural calamity — four new stories to tell. Three of those stories are stand-alone tales (and make sure to check out Mythspace on Facebook for the covers of those stories, later today), but one if part 2 of the Lift Off story that was part of issue #0.

Now, here’s the thing — Mythspace was always intended to be released as a compiled volume of six stories, set in the same universe, with one story Lift Off, being the central piece, and twice as long as most of the others. We want to release Part 2 in order to get feedback, recoup funds, and provide something of a collectible for early supporters (because the final volume may look different from the ashcans we sell at the conventions — those who have Liftoff #1 and #2 will see how Koi has shifted his style.) That being said, it’s likely that part 3 of Lift Off won’t be released as a single issue (unless there’s a huge demand for it) and by next Komikon (in October or November), what we’ll be releasing is the compiled volume.

That being said, I want to gauge how many people would still like to buy a stand-alone copy of Lift Off Part 2, so I can estimate how many we should print, and make sure I reserve your copies. So if you’re interested in Lift Off #2, please leave a comment (with your name) here, at the Facebook page, or email me at mythspace.comic[at] g m a i l . Sorry, we haven’t decided on the price yet.

Also! If you’ve yet to read the first part of Lift Off, and would like to get a copy of Mythspace #0 (where that story can be found),  do also please leave a comment (with your name) here, at the Facebook page, or email me at mythspace.comic[at] g m a i l  — we only have limited copies though! You can see some reviews here and here.


Undecided? Have some art from part 2:

External and internal views of the battleships of the Laho (the aliens that inspired the Bakunawa legends in the Philippines).

A Laho Grand Aegis, speaking to a Pgot (whose people inspired the stories of headless “Pugot” monsters).

 A menagerie of exotic species, brought as tribute to the Laho. Yes, humans are considered exotic — if they’re taken from Earth, a restricted zone.

11 Responses to “Summer Komikon Pre-order – Mythspace: Lift Off Part 2 (and Order Part 1)”

  1. Louie Villegas says:

    Please reserve/preorder a copy of MS: LO Pt 2 for me! Thanks! :)

  2. Spikey Ibrahim says:

    Hello Myth Space team! I’d like to reserve a copy of Myth Space: Lift Off Part 2. Good Job on part 1 btw!

  3. Tina says:

    Hi, Pao! Pre-ordering a copy. :D Can’t wait. :)

  4. Alexander Sison says:

    Can I please reserve a set of copies for issues #0 to #2? Thank you!

  5. Ivy Catherine Valmadrid says:

    OMG! Sana nakahabol pa ako… can you make a reservation for me? All Lift-off (0-2?)and all MythSpace (Humanity, Devourers and Black Mark)?

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