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Flipreads Free Comic Book Day Promotion

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On April - 30 - 2014

The good folks over at Flipreads have put together an impressive array of free digital comics from Filipino creators, to celebrate Free Comic Book Day this year. While the actual Day isn’t until Saturday, these comics are free now, some for a limited time only. Included amongst the offerings is the first official Studio Salimbal FCBD Issue, and (mature reader) offerings from Salimbal members Tina Pantoja, and the team of Noel Pascual and Mervin Malonzo.

Here’s the list as it currently stands, but you can browse the titles previously available for Free Comic Book Day as well as those currently live at this URL:

(in alphabetical order)

andoyman komiks

Ang Sumpa

AJ Bernardo

Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents # 1: Psycho Killer On A Bike
Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents # 2: Pag-uulayaw sa Barrio Namayapa: Part 1 of 2 (free until May 4, 2014)
Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents # 3: Pag-uulayaw sa Barrio Namayapa: Part 2 of 2 (free until May 4, 2014)

Apol Sta Maria

Mga Kapana-panabik na Kaganapan sa Ating Internet (free until May 4, 2014)
Outer’s Pace (free until May 4, 2014)


Realm of Dreams: Royal Order (free on May 3, 2014)

Big Ugly Robot Press

Pinoy Komiks (FCBD Edition)

Bru Sim


Bong Redila


Carlorozy Clemente

Darwin’s Association of Delicious Evilness (free until May 4, 2014)

Ang Badass na Buhay ni Lam-Ang

danielle rina

dirty laundry and other stories: a diary
dirty laundry and other stories 2

Dark Chapel

Pearl Of The Orient: A more than honest guide about the Philippines


Terribly Shaky and Extremely Panicky (free until May 4, 2014)

Flipside Publishing

Trese 1 (free until May 4, 2014)
3/12 (free until May 4, 2014)
Kubori Kikiam: We Heart Short Shorts #1 (free until May 4, 2014)
The Long Weekend (free until May 4, 2014)

Frances Luna III Illustration Firm

Manila Accounts 1081: Good Criminals Wear White 001 (free on May 3, 2014)
Makiling (free until May 4, 2014)

Francis Martelino

The Hotdog Prince (free until May 4, 2014)

Josel Nicolas

Windmills V (free until May 4, 2014)

JP Palabon

Puso Negro 5.4: Teaching Good Values Through Bad Conduct (available until May 4, 2014)


Taal Monster vs. Evil Space Paru-Paro (available until May 4, 2014)


Maybe (free until May 4, 2014)

Nelz Yumul

AND Comics (free until May 4, 2014)

Norby Ela

I Love Cupcakes


Baby Days Comics (free until May 4, 2014)
MLU (free on May 4, 2014)

Rasel Reyes

Likeman Komiks 1.2 (free until May 4, 2014)

Rob Cham

Sad Comics for Dirty Lovers (available until May 4, 2014)

Robert Magnuson

Kuting Magiting 1 (available until May 4, 2014)

Ronnie Baticulon

Palimos ng Kulangot

Studio Salimbal

Shiver, Jangle and Spin #1 Free Comic Book Day sampler
Studio Salimbal: Free Comic Book Day Issue 2014

Tintin Pantoja


The Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium

QBCCC 2: Part 1 (free until May 4, 2014)
QBCCC 2: Part 2 (free until May 4, 2014)
QBCCC 3: Part 1 (free until May 4, 2014)

Trizha Ko

Confused Volume 1 (free until May 4, 2014)


GRAIL Comics Anthology 2012 (free until May 4, 2014)



Zam! Designs

Codename Bathala
Digmaang Salinlahi


Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On April - 23 - 2014

Happy World Book and Copyright Day! Copyright is important for creators — for economic reasons, creative reasons, and moral reasons. I’ve been putting some thoughts together on Wattpad about it — because that’s where the sharks seem to be circling — and on April 26, Adam David is running a free forum on the subject of copyright, covering both the current reality of how publishers and authors deal with these rights, and to prescribe how, ideally and equitably, these rights should be dealt with. Whether you end up agreeing with all the views presented at the forum or not — you can bet there will be advocacy mixed with practicalities — you’re sure to come out of this forum better prepared to either fight for your rights, or sell them at a premium.

Summer Komikon 2014: Studio Salimbal

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On April - 11 - 2014

It’s Summer Komikon tomorrow! We’ll be there as usual, but now under the Studio Salimbal banner. You can find us at table B54, seen above.

We’ll be selling all the first wave of Mythspace comics, for PHP50 each.  No new stories this convention, but we do have something new — our Mini Design Works artbook! The regular version is also PHP50, and the Extra Large version ( you can see the size difference above), pre-signed by all members of Team Mythspace (a rarity, since we’re almost never at the table at the same time!) is PHP200. Only 109 copies of the Extra Large version were made, so snap them up quick!

Aside from the comics, we’ll have prints galore available!  The prints are cheaper if you buy more than one:

=Solo Price=
Large (A3) Prints: 120 PHP
Medium (A4) Prints: 80 PHP
Long (2/3 an A4) Print: 60PHP
Small (Postcard) Prints: 30 PHP

=Promo Price – buy any 2 or more prints, whatever the size=
Large (A3) Prints: 100 PHP
Medium (A4) Prints: 60 PHP
Long (2/3 an A4) Print: 40PHP
Small (Postcard) Prints: 20 PHP

Buy more, get a discount! Don’t let your prints be lonely — and, come on, just look at these things eh? How can you stop at one?

Last but not least: ultra-cute Mythspace: Unfurling of Wings stickers from Borg Sinaban! Full body stickers are PHP40, heads are PHP20.

See you all tomorrow!  Need help getting there? Head here.


Review: Abangan – The Best Philippine Komiks 2014

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On April - 11 - 2014

Disclaimers: I’m friends with the editors of Abangan, and Mythspace (my comic, which will be published by Visprint, publisher of Abangan) was one of the komiks solicited by them for the anthology that didn’t make the cut. This review was made possible by a PSF copy provided by the editors.

“Greetings young reader/ target demographic!” says the host of “Spooky Tales of the Here and Now”, a mock television show in comics form, one of the selections included in “Abangan: The Best Philippine Komiks 2014.” The self-awareness is part of the humor of the piece, but the line also brings to mind a question that lingered as I read through the anthology: who is the audience for Abangan?

That kind of question may seem more suitable for a marketing pitch than a review of a creative work, but an anthology is a special sort of beast, particularly one that claims no inherent thematic unity — quite the opposite in fact. In the introduction to the book, the editors state that “[o]ur main goal was to exhibit the range of creative work being done in the field of komiks in terms of genre, style, and medium – we attempted to feature as many genres and as many different styles as we could” and to a large part they have succeeded in that goal, with the admitted caveat that most of the komiks the Editors were exposed to were those available either online or in Metro Manila. An anthology which has both an excerpt from “The Filipino Heroes League” (Paolo Fabregas) and “Blue Dusk” (Mica Agregado) covers a wide spectrum indeed.

Given the stated goal of the editors above, it’s hard to argue with the selections made for the comic. There are two selections illustrated by Rob Cham, but the total page count of those two combined is less than the average of the other selections. Bong Redila’s captioned illustrations may not be considered comics under some definitions of the term, but they do qualify as comics under others, and most readers won’t care about the technicalities, not when the standard of craftsmanship is so high. It’s a standard that is upheld consistently throughout the book, and while there are certain styles and creators represented that I don’t “get”, I’ve heard enough good things about them to know that there are other readers who hold them in high esteem. Abangan reflects not only the wide variety of komiks in the industry, but, through these, the wide variety of readers as well.

I do wish that there had been introductions to the pieces, something to contextualize their inclusion. This is particularly true with regard to the excerpts, as some invariably fail to accurately represent their source material: the main cast of FHL is absent from its excerpt, for instance, and the “Sixty-Six” excerpt leaves out the super-power element entirely. Additional commentary would also help explain apparent oddities, such as the “Dead Balagtas” strips being in English rather than Filipino. (It turns out they were translated in preparation for a possible international edition of Abangan, but I learned this because I asked one of the editors directly, which is not going to be an option for most.)

In a way, the selections constitute a sort of mini-Komikon: it’s easy to imagine yourself weaving through the throng at the Bayanihan Center, and passing these stories as you move from one table to another. As long as you enjoy stories, the Komikon is worth the trip — comics newbies with an open mind are sure to find something that will draw them in, and chances are that even ardent fans will find something new and splendid (“Para Fierra” was that for me, and the web-only “Dead Balagtas” may be that for many). The same smorgasbord virtues are present in the Abangan anthology, particularly because the anthology also includes some previously unpublished work.

Of course, also like a visit to Komikon, the entry fee covers both work you’ll enjoy, and work you won’t. It’s the rare reader for whom all the selections in the anthology will have the same appeal. Just as Komikon is worth visiting, I can tell you that Abangan is worth reading. But whether Abangan’s merits make it worth purchasing the book, will depend entirely on what sort of reader you are — hence, why a discussion of Abangan’s audience is relevant.

If you’re new to komiks, and interested in the medium, then I wholeheartedly recommend buying a copy of Abangan. The sheer variety of komiks available, as well as the relative rarity of most komiks, can make it a difficult field to navigate. In Abangan, you have a curated, high quality, ready-made, starters kit.

If you’re a komiks reader who only buys a particular genre of komiks, or those of a particular creator, but would like to expand your horizons, I once again recommend that you buy a copy of Abangan. The reasons are much the same as those for new readers, since beyond your comics comfort zone, you are a new reader.

If you’re the avid komiks reader, the type who already has copies of most of these stories in their original forms, then it simply becomes a matter of two things: disposable income, and production quality. The first is pretty self-explanatory. As for the second… In the introduction, the editors say that one of the reasons to buy the book is that “it looks great on display on your shelves,” and while that may seem to be a bit of a throw-away line, it’s in fact one of the reasons this project is important.

Self-publishing is still the norm in the industry, and that means that efforts are made to keep printing costs as low as possible. The result is that most comics are photocopied, slim, ashcan issues that do not lend themselves to shelving or display or permanent ownership. Yet the ephemeral quality of the physical komiks is often at odds with the quality of their contents, and it’s important for the professionalization of the industry that more komiks are published in forms that do these stories justice.

Good komiks deserve respect, and a place on our shelves. Abangan understands that, and endeavors to make its readers understand as well.




Trese 6: Preview Art and Online Serialization

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On April - 3 - 2014

Budjette Tan recently posted on Facebook about the status of Book 6:

News about TRESE Book 6! I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is YOU WON’T ABLE TO GET YOUR HANDS ON BOOK 6 at Summer Komikon. The good news is YOU’LL BE TO READ BOOK 6 NOW!

Starting today, we will be uploading preview pages of TRESE: HIGH TIDE AT MIDNIGHT on the Trese blog EVERY WEEK!

TRESE Book 6 will not be ready by Summer Komikon. It will be done when it gets done

So, consider the Trese blog as the “progress bar” of how we’re doing with finish the story.

Thank you very much for waiting and all the encouragement for us to complete this new Trese tale.

Here’s some preview art to help the disappointment go down easier:






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