Announcing Studio Salimbal

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On March - 26 - 2014

There’s a lot of talent out there.

Within the Philippines and without, there is a glut of wonderful artists, incredible writers. If you’re a comics fan, you almost have too many choices, both paid and free, in terms of genres and formats and creators (not to mention the other media battling for your attention).

I’m not complaining, mind you — as a reader, as a fan, this is a golden age. As a creator, seeing so many good stories is a welcome challenge.

|But it must be said: To reach readers in this golden age, it’s not enough to simply be good — you have to stand out.

It can be a daunting task for one person –

– less so, for fourteen.

Say hello to Studio Salimbal:
* John Amor (Urban Animal)
* Koi Carreon (Mythspace: Lift Off)
* Paolo Chikiamco (Mythspace)
* Cristina Rose Chua (Mythspace: Humanity)
* Mico Dimagiba (Mythspace: Uncommon Ground)
* Jules Gregorio (Mythspace: Devourers of Light)
* Mervin Malonzo (Tabi Po)
* Butch Mapa (Grimm Fairy Tales: Realm Knights)
* Elbert Or (Bakemono High)
* Tintin Pantoja (Who is AC?)
* Noel Pascual (Crime Fighting Call Cente Agents)
* Paul Quiroga (Mythspace: Black Mark)
* Borg Sinaban (Mythspace: Unfurling of Wings)
* Budjette Tan (Trese)

Our goals are simple: to create comics, and to create a community. To do so creatively, coherently, consistently.

We will be in stores. We will be at conventions. But we’ll also be online in a big way, with most of our stories being serialized as webcomics, because that allows us to give readers something new easily, consistently, and constantly.

How constant? By 2015, we believe we will have enough comics that we’ll be able to publish a new page every weekday for the entire year.

Our site at — designed by the multi-talented Mervin Malonzo — will be launching this April, but our Facebook Page and Twitter are up. We’ll be running Mythspace: Lift Off as our lone weekly comic to start, followed by another Mythspace story later in the year. We’ll be using this year to test the waters, to form a community, to get used to working as a team. But behind the scenes, we’re already working on next year’s stories, and it’s a buffer we’ll be looking to maintain moving forward.

The goal is simple — not easy. But that’s why we’re doing this together — and why we would love to have you all along for the ride.

The Salimbal, after all, is a magical ship from Philippine folktales that allows people to travel to a better future. In our case, we’re hoping that our own tales will help create a better future for Philippine comics.

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