A Note on #RP612Fic (2017 onwards)

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On June - 11 - 2017

Tomorrow is Independence Day, so a short note from me on #RP612Fic

And for those of you who still don’t know what that is -> http://www.rocketkapre.com/2016/what-is-rp612fic-2016-edition/

The hashtag has a life of its own now, and I see this year as a good time to step away from it.

So I won’t be participating this year, and won’t be actively reminding folks about it. This isn’t meant to be a statement about the hashtag.

It’s more popular than I’d ever dreamed it would be & I’m quite happy to enjoy it as the meme generator it’s evolved into.

But I’ve too much on my plate atm + want to engage w/ nationalism and identity in a nonfictional way.

This isn’t meant to surrender the “speculative” to those who’d use it as a tool of oppression, of course http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/903940/speculative-palace-says-of-aguirres-fake-news

Fiction & Spec Fic especially remain a powerful tool for empowerment and representation – or necessary escape – whether in tweets or novels.

But I need time and headspace for future projects & this (now monstrous) brainchild of mine will be fine on its own.

So tomorrow, whether you’re participating in #RP612Fic or not – have a happy independence day, friends. :)

May the 12th of June remind us of both the existence and complexities of past triumphs, both earned and inherited.

May June 12 reminds us of both the existence and complexities of past triumphs

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