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  • What is Rocket Kapre?

Rocket Kapre, an imprint of Eight Ray Sun Publishing Inc., dedicated to bringing the very best of Philippine Speculative Fiction in English to a worldwide audience by means of digital distribution.

We’re driven by a dream: that someday Filipino writers will be able to quit their day jobs and make a living from writing Speculative Fiction, that someday we’ll have a legion of Filipino-created worlds and characters spawning conventions, thesis papers, cosplay and, yes, even slash fanfic–that is our dream and our mission.

  • How can we order your books?

In general our books will be available via online retailers such as Smashwords or Scribd.  You will be able to find links to these different retailers on each book’s unique page.

  • Are your books already available?

Not quite yet, but we’ll be sure to announce it when they are. If you’ve got a hunger for good PinoySF though, check out USOK, our free ezine that comes out every two months.


  • What are ebooks?

Let me put it this way: when you talk about a “book” you’re really talking about two things: the story/content and the actual bound pages that contain that story/content. An ebook bascially takes the story/content and puts it in a downloadable digital file, like a Word document (.doc) or a PDF document (.PDF) that can be read on your computer, iPhone/Touch, most smart phones, or ebook readers like the Kindle.

You can also find a more comprehensive description here, courtesy of MobileRead.

  • How do I read ebooks?

All your really need is the appropriate program to open the digital file–and most computers and smart phones already have programs that can read ebooks. When our books are released, we’ll go in to detail as to what software you can use to read each kind of digital file that our ebooks will be available in. For starters though, the Stanza ebook reader (http://www.lexcycle.com/) is a free program that can read most of the common ebook formats and you can use it on a computer or iPhone/Touch.

  • What is an ebook format?

Ebooks can come in a variety of different files (e.g. Word doc, PDF etc.) and we refer to these as “formats.” You can tell the different formats by the different file extensions they have (e.g. .doc, .pdf etc.). The ebook formats are important because the format will determine what software you need to use to read the ebook. Luckily there are programs like Stanza which can read a lot of the formats. In any event, when we release our ebooks, we’ll be clear as to what software you’ll need to read each format.

If you’d like, MobileRead has a comprehensive rundown of ebook formats and the relevant software here, but as we said when our books come out we’ll walk you through the process.

  • In what formats are your books available?

We’ll likely have to decide this on a case to case basis (some formats are more suited to certain types of ebooks) but the book’s page here on the site will contain that information. We also promise to try to make each ebook available in as many formats as reasonably possible.


  • What do you mean by Speculative Fiction?

Without getting pulled into a debate, for RK’s purposes, Speculative Fiction refers to works of fantasy, science fiction, alternate history and horror; whether by themselves or mixed with other genres.

  • Why do you only publish Speculative Fiction?

We do so because that’s the type of fiction we love to read, the type we want to see more of, and the type we feel qualified to publish. Besides, we also find sorcery and spaceships hella’ awesome. ^_^

  • What do you mean by Philippine Speculative Fiction?

Speculative Fiction written by Filipinos (by blood or by law; whether living in the Philippines or abroad).

  • Does that mean the stories need to have Filipino characters/settings?

Nope, although we love those. There’s something sublime about reading a post-apocalyptic tale set in the ruins of a mall that I still visit every Sunday…

  • Why do you only publish Filipino authors?

We do so because we love to read their work, we want to see more of their work, and we feel qualified to publish their work.

  • Why don’t you publish in print?

We’d love to, but as we’re just starting out, digital publication gives us the best means to reach the widest possible audience–and our goal as publisher is to make sure our excellent stories and authors find the widest possible audience.

  • Why don’t you accept stories in Filipino?

(A) We just don’t feel qualified to publish works in Filipino at the moment; (B) English allows us to market our books internationally.

We really would like to see more Spec Fic in the myriad Philippine languages though, and we’ve heard that there will soon be more online venues for such work–we’ll keep you guys posted.

  • How do I submit a story/manuscript? What kind of stories are you looking for?

Read our Submission Guidelines.

  • Do you pay your authors?

Actually, we lock them in cages with manual typewriters and… yes we pay our authors. ^_^ Following a common digital publishing revenue model, we intend to use a high-royalties/low-advance system for our regular books and anthologies; USOK contributors get a flat fee, but if we re-publish their stories in a regular book/anthology we’ll put together a new contract for the previously published stories so chosen.

As a side-note, this also means anyone who claims to represent Rocket Kapre and says we’re willing to publish your story for a fee is trying to rip you off. Actually let’s make it more airtight–if you’re not speaking to Paolo Chikiamco you’re not speaking with Rocket Kapre.

  • Will you market/promote your books?

Oh yes–any book we’re willing to publish is one we believe in, and if we believe in it you can bet we’ll want it in the hands of as many people as possible.

However, prospective authors should be advised: when we market books, authors are expected and obligated to do their part as well–it’d be horrible to schedule a book blog tour or a podcast interview if the author didn’t show up. When we buy your book, we enter into a partnership, and both RK and the author must do their part.

  • Will your ebooks have ISBN numbers?

Yes, all our books will have ISBN numbers registered in the name of (Eight Ray Sun Publishing Inc., of which Rocket Kapre is an imprint.)



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Rocket Kapre is an imprint of Eight Ray Sun Publishing Inc. (a new Philippine-based publisher), dedicated to bringing the very best of Philippine Speculative Fiction in English to a worldwide audience by means of digital distribution. More info can be found at our About section at the top of the page.