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Call for Submissions: Thursday Never Looking Back

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On January - 12 - 2012

Bitten by the pre-apocalypse muse? Adam David is looking for essays, fictions, poetry, songs, komix, doodles, photographs, videos, for THURSDAY NEVER LOOKING BACK, an electronic anthology that seeks to gather, process, and perform various end-of-the-world scenarios. You can see more details here.

High Society: Book Page and Reviews

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On January - 10 - 2012

While it’s not a Rocket Kapre release, “High Society“, my steampunk comic book with Hannah Buena, is getting a book page on the site, to give me a central hub to post purchasing information (now that it’s available from four different online retailers), as well as reviews. One notable review has come from Frida Fantastic, over at Adarna SF. Here’s an excerpt:

The comic does a good job of immersing the reader in the setting while still keeping it accessible for readers who aren’t familiar with the Philippines. I love details like the use of Filipino sound effects (e.g “bog!” instead of “wham!”).


Buena’s art is expressive and dynamic, with a subtle manga influence that makes everything extra adorable. It has a bit of of a sketchy feel because some of the pencils are visible, but it I think it’s aesthetically pleasing.

It’s also relevant to mention that “On Wooden Wings”, my short story in Philippine Speculative Fiction volume 6 that is set in the same world as “High Society” (and which will become the first part of the “Wooden War” series) was the subject of an in-depth review/analysis by Jha over at Silver Goggles. It’s very interesting to read impressions of that alternative history from a reader who is not Filipino but who is a fellow Southeast Asian.

Catherine Batac Walder Reviews “Alternative Alamat”

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On January - 9 - 2012

Filipina writer (and Ruin and Resolve contributor) Catherine Batac Walder has a wonderful story-by-story review of Alternative Alamat (now updated with her comments on Mervin Malonzo’s artwork) up on her blog. Here’s what she has to say about some of her favorite stories from the anthology:

“The Alipin’s Tale” is very rich both in Philippine mythology and historical characters. Endlessly fixated on Greek mythology, this is the first time that I remember encountering a Filipino story that reads like one…

“Keeper of My Sky.” Alternate realities, a series of what could have beens, like reading Einstein’s Dreams, trying not to kick up dust. This has to be my favourite in the volume. Beautiful.

“Conquering Makiling” is sharp, witty and sexy. I felt I was invited by friends for a climb up Makiling and instead of getting nervous and tired, it became a walk in the park and just that – a gathering with friends. (Damn I didn’t realise Philippine myth is this hot haha).

Thanks for the review Catherine! As always, remember that you can purchase Alternative Alamat at any of the following vendors:

Table of Contents: Philippine Speculative Fiction 7

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On January - 3 - 2012

Co-editor Kate Osias has just revealed the table of contents for the seventh volume of the annual Philippine Speculative Fiction anthology from Kestrel DDM. I’m also pleased to announce that my superhero(ish) story, “Oblation”, was selected for this volume. You can see the rest of the lineup at Kate’s blog. Congratulations to editors Kate and Alex Osias (on both the selection and the fact that your marriage seemed to have survived the process) and the contributors!

Kate is also running a bit of a guessing-game contest, where winners will receive copies of the previous volume (PSF6) at the PSF7 launch.

Launch: Diaspora Ad Astra

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On January - 3 - 2012

Estranghero Press has released its third free, online, themed anthology of Philippine speculative fiction. “Diaspora Ad Astra” is a collection of fourteen science fiction stories by Filipino authors, edited by Joey Nacino and Prof. Emil Flores.

1. Introduction

2. Dean Francis Alfar, The Malaya

3. Alexander Marcos Osias, Oplan Sanction

4. Raymond P. Reyes, Ina Dolor’s Last Stand

5. Vince Torres, The Cost of Living

6. Isabel Yap, A List of Things We Know

7. Audrey Rose Villacorta, The Keeper

8. Carljoe Javier, The Day the Sexbomb Dancers Invaded Our Brains

9.  Dannah Ruth S. Ballesteros, Ashes/////Embers

10. Eliza Victoria, Rizal

11. Katya Oliva-Llego, Gene Rx

12. Raydon L. Reyes, Robots and a Slice of Pizza

13. Raven Guerrero, Lucky

14. Anne Lagamayo, Space Enough and Time

15. Professor Emil M. Flores, War Zone Angel

It’s the New Year–and wouldn’t it be great to land an international publishing deal before the End of the World? (Sadly, your book won’t see the light of day before the end of the Mayan Calendar, but hey, at least you’d know it WOULD have if not for the floods/rapture/snowpocalypse/supernova.) If you want to go this route, landing an agent is a necessity, so here’s some contact details that may help. This information comes from the always thoughtful Mia Tijam, who attended the Great Philippine Book Café (Manila International Literary Festival)

Jayapriya Vasudevan

Literary Agent

+65 9362 4559

331 River Valley Road

09-03 Angsana Lobby 1

Yong An Park

Singapore 238363


Priya Doraswamy

Literary Agent

+1 973 379 4185

39 Delwick Lane

Short Hills, NJ 07078. USA

Mia says: “These two ladies from Jacaranda are hands-on and pretty sweet. They were the ones who signed FH Batacan for her next novel. They like crime/suspense/adventure thrillers but they’ll read anything.”

You can also send your manuscripts straight to one particular editor-in-chief:

Ravi Mirchandani


Direct Line: (+44)- (0)20 7438 1202

Fax: 020 7430 0916

Ormond House, 26-27 Boswell Street, London WC1N 3JZ

Mia says: “Ravi’s inclined towards immigrant stories but he also reads everything.” She also mentions that Ravi is the editor of “House of Sand and Fog.”

Good luck, Pinoys!



Tina Matanguihan Reviews “Alternative Alamat”

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On January - 2 - 2012

Reviews of “Alternative Alamat” are starting to trickle in (we were in the Philippines Graphic last week), and I’m happy to say that so far they’ve been of the positive variety. The latest comes from Tina Matanguihan (One More Page, PinoyWriMos) and she gives it a 5/5. You can read the full review at her book blog or on Goodreads, but let me just say that when I reached the part where Tina goes “I felt that this book and the stories in this collection were mine”, my head swelled to the size of the Lion’s Head at Kennon Road.

As always, remember that you can purchase Alternative Alamat at any of the following vendors:

Alternative Alamat: A “Notable Book” of 2011 (GMA News Online)

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On January - 1 - 2012

We’d like to thank GMA News Online, particularly writer Meann Ortiz (who just last week gave her positive early impressions of “Alternative Alamat”), for including “Alternative Alamat” on their list of Notable Books from 2011. Amongst the other local speculative fiction books mentioned are “Philippine Speculative Fiction vol. 6″, “Heartbreak & Magic”, and “Trese 4: Last Seen After Midnight.” Here’s how Meann describes “Alternative Alamat”:

Philippine mythology isn’t just about aswangs, duwendes, and kapres; there exist pantheons of deities and a deep well of other legends and myths that we were never taught in school. Alternative Alamat makes some of these lesser-known tales and characters more accessible to modern readers with 11 engaging re-tellings. The book also includes interviews with scholars of Philippine mythology, a reference guide, and a list of notable deities accompanied by illustrations by Mervin Malonzo. This is only available as an e-book, though, so I hope that the publisher will consider releasing it in print so that it will be accessible to more readers. Because of efforts like this anthology, it won’t be long before we find our own local Rick Riordan who will successfully skyrocket this aspect of our culture into the popular consciousness.

As always, remember that you can purchase Alternative Alamat at any of the following vendors:

PGS Online Call For Submissions (2012)

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On January - 1 - 2012

Philippine Genre Stories (PGS) Online has opened today to fiction submissions by Filipino writers, and will remain open until April 30, 2012. You can find the full details here.  Note that while PGS Online does publish stories in Filipino, I’ve confirmed with editor Kenneth Yu that the present call is only for stories in English. I think that I’ve mentioned before how PGS, in its original print, always-open-to-submissions incarnation, was instrumental in jump starting the writing careers of many Filipino authors, like myself, and I’m certain it will continue to do so in its shiny online edition. So, writers, submit and spread the word!

Alternative Alamat: World SF Blog Interview

Posted by Paolo Chikiamco On December - 29 - 2011

The World SF Blog is one of the most respected sources of truly international SF news, and I’ve always appreciated the work they do to promote Filipino creators. I’ve done a short interview with the ever present Charles Tan to help promote Alternative Alamat–don’t worry, we don’t repeat topics from the Flipside interview. You can check it out here. And, of course, you can purchase Alternative Alamat at any of the following vendors:



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